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about us

about us
our mission

Life Choices Pregnancy Center is a ministry that exists to make the choice for life possible for those in our community who are challenged with a crisis pregnancy by educating, encouraging and equipping them so that they may make good choices for themselves and their families. In an effort to reduce the number of teen crisis pregnancies, we promote sexual integrity/abstinence.

our vision

Life Choices Pregnancy Center seeks to transform the community by showing unconditional love and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through:

  • Helping women in crisis pregnancies recognize the miraculous life within their womb using fetal development education and medical diagnostic procedures.

  • Providing parenting education and supplies to families in need through a parenting support program.

  • Educating pregnant women about church and community based services and support available to them.

  • Educating adolescents and young women and men about the benefits of remaining chaste until marriage.

  • Promoting Christ-centered forgiveness, love and healing for women and men who have chosen abortion and their families.

  • Life Choices Pregnancy Center seeks to establish itself as a known and respected community member providing services that promote a Christian world view regarding unborn life and the women who carry that life.

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