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You can make a difference! All you need is a love for the Lord and a love for people.

You can find a way to be involved and we need you!

 "None of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love."

Mother Teresa


Life Choices Pregnancy Center welcomes volunteers as they are the heart and soul of what makes ministry happen. Life Choices has a wide array of volunteer opportunities. Some opportunities require volunteering during our normal operating hours, while others involve volunteering after hours in a variety of capacities. The majority of all of our volunteer opportunities can only be performed by individuals 18 years of age or older.

If you are interested in volunteering, please download, fill out and email your volunteer application, or download, fill out and mail to Life Choices.


Life Choices Pregnancy Center directly impacts our ability to reach families facing an unplanned pregnancy, we educate them with life-affirming messages, share the Gospel and counsel them as they choose to embrace being parents.

Life Choices Pregnancy Center also accepts material gifts.  Contact Life Choices for a list of donation items that the center provides to pregnant women, babies and new mothers.

Your giving will make a difference to a woman who needs the message of hope and life!

additional ways to get involved

  • Pray daily for the end to abortion, for women who are tempted to have abortions, for those who work in the movement, and for those who do not realize how horrible abortion is.

  • Read and become more informed about the issue.

  • Wear the “precious feet” pin, and t-shirts to promote awareness.

  • Send letters to your newspapers and politicians about your stance on the issue.

  • Speak up in defense of pre-born babies with courage and charity.

  • Take part in local pro-life projects and activities.

  • Get on a mailing list or email list of pro-life organizations.

  • Donate pro-life books to your library.

  • Promote adoption. Become better informed on this issue.

  • Conduct or support fundraising efforts for pro-life groups.

  • Put a pro-life signature in your emails.

  • Read a pro-life book.

  • Join others in prayer in front of abortion clinics. Find times and locations.

get involved

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