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pregnancy testing

When women are experiencing the symptoms of an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, they can make an appointment for a pregnancy test at no cost to them at Life Choices.  During her appointment, she will speak with a specially-trained counselor about her options and determine the resources available to her.

options counseling

Options counseling is a free service offered at Life Choices Pregnancy Center by trained peer counselors. In the safety of the counseling session a woman is able to share her fears, her uncertainties, and her hopes regarding her pregnancy. The counselor has the opportunity to listen, understand, and point the woman to the possibility of preserving the life within her while educating her about all of her options.

When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she has three legal options: to parent, to choose adoption, or to abort. The final decision is ultimately the woman’s. While respecting the woman’s self determination every step of the way, we offer the truth about each option available to her through education.

A counselor is able to encourage the client to think realistically about her situation while offering empathy and support. It is our hope that each woman leaves Life Choices Pregnancy Center believing that continuing her pregnancy is the option she has the strength and support to choose.

sexual integrity & chastity

Sexual integrity is a powerful side of character. It is seen in someone who has learned not only to remain physically chaste, but also spiritually and mentally as well. Being an individual of sexual integrity is a daily walk.

It is the next step after making a commitment to remain sexually pure. For just saying the words and attempting to remain sexually pure out of fear of disease, pregnancy, or abuse is not enough. Living a life of sexual integrity will last long after marriage. It is vital that young people learn to walk in sexual integrity by yielding their lives daily and remembering self-worth.

Life Choices can provide schools, church youth groups, or organizations with a chastity presentation. To speak to a school class, we must be invited by a teacher to make a presentation on chastity. Chastity presentations made to public schools do not contain any references to religion. Chastity presentations to church youth groups and Christian organizations do discuss God’s plan for sexuality and marriage.

Life Choices is dedicated to challenging young men and women to become individuals of sexual integrity. This grants young people the freedom to pursue their dreams and ambitions without constraint or regret. It means not following the social norms, but striving to reach a higher standard. Call the Center to schedule your event.

parenting classes

Life Choices offers individualized parenting classes designed to help women bridge from pregnancy to motherhood.  This includes a program designed to continue their personal growth and understanding of child development.  Dads are welcome to attend as well!

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